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Construction of paint stripping tanks

costruzione vasche di sverniciatura
For about a year, the collaboration with a company that produces chemical products such as paint strippers and similar products was born.
First for the realization of a mixing and weighing plant produced in plastic material, then to aim for the creation of specific tanks for the stripping sector.
The agreement arises from the necessity to offer both a complete plant engineering and chemical solutions.
During the construction, we were asked for a further expedient: replace the closing system provided with two upward opening,  with a side opening one.
Because of the height of the plant where the tank was placed, there could have been collisions with the crane, which inserted the baskets inside it.
The solution adopted was to use an opening system with a roller blind similar to that mounted on trucks, choosing a support (cloth) that can resist to the vapors produced by the paint removal solution.
The cloth’s movement was carried out by a pneumatic engine to a conical couple on a stainless steel roller where come wrapped the cover.
A control of temperature with 4-20mA output command two static relay for the two haters groups.


The plant of EasyTech is in Italy, in the industrial area of ​​Cividale del Friuli (Udine), in via della Fonderia 6.

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